What do you do with your demo paintings?

June 7th, 2014

Hibiscus Remade

Hibiscus Remade

I teach. And this class is a watercolor class.  So I need to think of the general outlook, desire and abilities of my students.  I came across a nice picture of a hibiscus.  Very traditional in color and rendering.  Can’t do too much with a hibiscus painting (if you’re just painting one) because they are a simple, lovely flower.  So you show how to make the shadows, highlights, veins in the flowers.  Little techniques that are good to learn.  But my problem is what do I do with these demos?  Especially if I kind of like them?  Can’t show them, shouldn’t really sell them, so I remake them.  And I’m having a ball doing so.  My latest piece. “Hibiscus Remade”.  Enjoy.

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