Hi all,  its been a long crazy year but I’m so thankful for being able to have the safe, fulfilling and joy creating pastime of creating art.  In the past few months we moved from the east coast of US to the west.  Following the kids.  The sense of space is different here and it’s taking me a while to get into my heart and make some paintings.  But it’s coming along slowly but surely as I start to feel more at home.  Of course this isn’t a normal ‘home’ feeling yet, maybe in a while after the life threatening virus has subsided, we’ll get that sense more.  In the meantime.  I love the colors here in California.  The purples especially, muted and greyed in the mornings when there is the marine layer over the land and the beautiful vivid lavender as the sun starts shining on the distant hills.  This past spring I was blessed to see and breath in the beautiful jacaranda tree flowers.  Tress full of big purple blooms.  Here are a couple of excerpts of that reigning color

Jacaranda in Pastel

‘Jacaranda’ in Pastel


Gifts from my Garden

‘Gifts from my Garden’ in mixed media